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Our Core tax capabilities include confidentiality and professionalism, expert tax team, advocacy tax initiative, wealth of experience on industry-specific tax challenges and solutions, insight, efficient tax methodologies and practice,strong relationship with tax authorities and government and a leading tax service firm

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Our tax regulatory, compliance and advisory services incorporate the use of information technology, finance and business strategies in proffering an efficient tax solution that aligns with our Client’s operations and strategic objectives. The tax services include:

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Comprises of preparation and filing of Companies Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax (WHT) monitoring and management, Employee Related Taxes, tax audits and investigations, tax refunds and incentives, payroll services, company secretarial services, tax audit health check, transfer pricing, tax clearance certificates, permits and tax incentives, Certificate of Acceptance of Fixed Assets (CAFA) and free trade zone services.

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Our advisory services system provides a broad range of services which include tax planning, automated tax systems, mergers and acquisition, tax management consulting, compensation and benefits, tax awareness programs, tax training, outsourcing, cross broader transactions and other on-demand tax advisory services.

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T processing and obtaining re-entry visa, processing deletion of names of expatriates, assisting with processing the re-designation EQP, processing temporary work permits, processing subject to regulation visa, processing of expatriate quota, processing combined expatriate residence permits and alien cards (CERPAC) and any other on-demand immigration services.

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We provide efficient management, documentation and maintenance of our client’s tax and accounting records that help companies mitigate any risk that may negatively impact the Company and its financials in the event of a tax audit or investigation exercise.

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Our advanced tax data analytics technology helps companies determine areas of tax leakages, high risk areas, deduce conclusions and make recommendations thereon.

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We will design and deploy a customized business intelligence report that aligns with the Company’s business and addresses its query. This would enable the Company address/mitigate the occurrence and impact of any high risk transactions/activities


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