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Audit and Assurance Services

Spring Hill Consulting helps you attain increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s key business operations

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Highlights to some of our services are:

We provide result-oriented accounting service to our clients on a wide range of issues that supports regulatory compliance with existing or revised accounting standards. Our accounting service enable large organisations operate a shared cost/revenue center.

Our business reporting tool ensures detailed examination of our client business, its stakeholders and the type of report that would increase their global presence, investor relations, customer base and business performance, whilst ensuring transparency and integrity reporting. We help our clients build the image they desire through our Business Reporting.

Depending on the needs of your financial statement users, you may need to report under different sets of standards or provide varying levels of detail. Regardless of your requirements now
or in the future, we can scale our audit solutions to meet your needs. Our emphasis on tailoring an integrated audit that focuses on areas of significant risks allows us to efficiently and effectively reduce time spent on post-audit activities. This approach helps us: plan the engagement based on a thorough
understanding of your business risks and transactions, communicate and coordinate activities with management and the audit committee based on an agreed-upon timeline, conduct continuous audit procedures to increase efficiency and reduce the burden on your personnel at year-end, work with
management to resolve any complex accounting or reporting issues as early as possible in the audit process and provide recommendations (that aligns with the business’ long and short term objectives) on areas of improvement.

Our audit service ensures all disclosures depicts completeness, accuracy, fair representation to address future and present changes Our audit service meets investor expectations because of our globally accepted audit tools and methodologies that provides insight.

Our automated Audit management system is geared towards speeding up theaudit process to ensure accuracy, consistency, quality reporting and meeting statutory audit deadlines.

We assess our clients activities to report on the economic, environmental and social impact of their activities and their contribution thereon. Our sustainability reporting helps improve our client reputation and presence, which translates to increased customer base, higher revenue and business growth.

Our audit and assurance services also spans through IFRS implementation and training, board and audit committee, audit risk assessment, assurance services, financial investigation, setting up/review of internal control and audit data analytics.

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